PRODUCT EXHIBITION: After assignation of all samples and displays still the property of Intermatex USA LLC. For more information about displays and samples, please contact

- A minimum Shipping & Handling costs might be charged to the samples and displays (plus the cost per sample and/or display provided).
         - SAMPLES: Minimum shipping cost of USD$8.00
         - DISPLAYS: Minimum cost of USD$100.00
- Depending on the quantity, the cost will increase in the invoice.
- In case of deterioration caused by negligence or inappropriate usage, the customer will assume charges for replacements or spare parts.
- Low sales performance will be subject to observance and relocation for samples and displays.

INTERNET: Intermatex USA believes in and promotes direct sales, where all customers may receive advice and assessment by flooring professionals, either for wholesaling and retailing sales. All product images or logos are property of INTERMATEX and INTERMATEX USA, and any electronic marketing and promotion will need the proper consent in writing from the rightful owner. It is strictly forbidden any price advertising.